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A Collaborative Breakthrough for Healthy Relationships.

Welcome to a new and
complete way
to understand intimate relationships.

ThriveSphere™ is an advanced computer visualization that allows couples to “see” how they relate. The system provides facilitators (counselors, pastors and educators) with an easy-to-use process and tool that ignites communication, collaboration and transformation. This patented system incorporates neuroscience and the modern science of complex adaptive systems.

Now it is possible for couples and facilitators to get on the same page quickly and easily and experience a greater level of awareness and productive communication.

ThriveSphere provides a visual reflection of a relationship.
It displays the views of each partner and reveals how those views interconnect.

ThriveSphere is available through trained facilitators who direct couples to take the "reflectment" online at their convenience.

Achieve relationship growth faster!

ThriveSphere provides a clear picture of a couple’s relationship at the beginning
of counseling or an educational program.

To learn more about this exciting system,