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What is ThriveSphere?

ThriveSphere is an on-line
self-partner-relationship awareness tool
that gives you a comprehensive picture of your relationship on a single page.

The tool is available through a trained ThriveSphere facilitator who will direct you to his or her website to take ThriveSphere.

The ThriveSphere is composed of 67 questions that take 15 to 20 minutes for you and your partner to complete conveniently and independently online. All questions are straight-forward, simple, and transparent. They are answered by simply clicking on numbers from 1 to 9, to rate a low to high response.

Each response to a question becomes a single "node" graphically represented on a ThriveSphere "Chart".

Every node is displayed in relation to every other node, revealing the inter-connections among parts and capturing the richness of your relationship.

Click anywhere above to view
ThriveSphere animation.

Nodes are grouped into seven sectors based on Collaborative Marriage, a model of a healthy relationship. Your results are displayed in three ways: as self, partner, and couple (overlay) ThriveSphere-Charts.

When you complete your ThriveSphere, you meet with your trained facilitator to go over your sphere-charts.

With your facilitator, you identify your resources - (couple strengths) and challenges (opportunities for growth).


The tool is designed to stimulate productive conversations with your partner,generating greater understanding and appreciation as you take better charge of your life together.

The fee to take a ThriveSphere including review session, is set by the facilitator.

“The Thrive was beneficial to us because we could see the connectedness of our relationship...”